Theatrics on Main Street

There’s Something Magical…

…about an empty stage that’s going to have a play on it soon. Especially when you’re one of the actors who’s going to be performing in the play.

The play I’m going to be acting in is a short but diverting absurdist piece called "We Appear To Have Company" — one of several one-act plays that will comprise this year’s Second Annual Short Play Festival, the showcase for new work that’s produced yearly by Main Street Stage (57 Main Street), one of our ace community theatre companies here in North Adams.

Below: Me (at left) standing with my fellow cast members Andrew Davis (also standing) and Jackie DeGiorgis (left, seated) and the play’s director, Sarah Rae Brown (on the right, seated)

Performances will take place on Friday and Saturday, March 5 & 6, and again the next weekend on March 12 & 13. I’ll provide more details as the dates get closer, or you can keep your eye on the Main Street Stage web site and Facebook page.

Say good-bye to my Benjamin Franklin hair-do, by the way. It’ll be hitting the barber shop floor soon, since it doesn’t quite gibe with my character’s station in life.

Gonna Be Near Amherst, MA, on March 2?

Then drop by Room 227 of Herter Hall at 4 PM on the UMass campus there, where I’ll be on a panel about graphic novels along with underground comix veteran Gary Hallgren, whom I would definitely travel miles to see even if I wasn’t going to be sitting next to him on the stage.

It’s part of a weeklong celebration of the life and works of the late comic book legend and graphic novel pioneer Will Eisner. Eisner saw the literary potential of comics for adult storytelling at a time when most of the world dismissed them as disposable pulp for children.

Above: An illustration I drew for the 6th issue of Comic Book Artist, which was devoted to commemorating Will Eisner

For that reason (as well as for the bounty of straightforward pleasures Eisner provided with his many books and comics), a generation of comics creators have viewed him as a major mentor and inspiration

Assistance from Overseas

My pal and fellow blogger from faraway Toulouse, François Peneaud, sprang into action when he read of the troubles I’ve been having with typography since I began composing my blog posts with Adobe Dreamweaver instead of GoLive. Thanks to François’s help, all seems to have been resolved for now. Click here if you need to be reminded what I’m talking about.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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