Travel Notes

Off To San Diego This July

If you go to the web site for this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego and scroll through the list of Special Guests who are slated to attend, you’ll find me among them.

What this means is that Eddie and I will get flown to San Diego on the convention organizers’ dime and provided with lodging during the famous event’s four days of fun and craziness. During that stretch of time I’ll be holding forth at some panels and programs as well as signing copies of the newly re-packaged hardcover edition of Stuck Rubber Baby (which should be out by then from Vertigo) as well as copies of my new collection From Headrack to Claude, which you should be able to peruse or purchase at the Prism Comics booth if I work things right.

And speaking of Prism: many thanks, Prism folks, for putting a bug in the guest coordinators’ ears about bringing me to California this year. It’s an exciting prospect as well as a daunting one. The last time I was in San Diego was at the 1996 incarnation of the Con fourteen years ago. It was a madhouse then and I’m told it’s grown much larger since. Yikes!

But if any of you hardy readers of this blog are planning on braving the crowds at this year’s Comic-Con yourselves, do keep an eye out for me and say hello if fate causes our paths to cross amid the surging throngs—or more realistically, if you’re able to buttonhole me during a book-signing or at one of the events I’ll be scheduled to participate in.

Hey, Next Week Eddie Will Be in Paris!

Some New York City friends of ours engineered a clever apartment swap with Parisians who want to spend a year in the Big Apple, so as long as they’ve got sleeping space available for a guest, they’ve offered us free lodging for a few days if we can make the trip.

I can’t go myself because I’ve got stuff to do here in North Adams, but Eddie is already packing his bags and will be on a plane from Boston come Saturday.

Assuming that his aircraft doesn’t cross paths with any airborne lava from that volcano that’s currently erupting in Iceland, where he’ll be stopping over before embarking on the last leg of his journey to France, he’ll soon be taking in the sights on the Champs-Élysées and wearing a beret in the shower. Will I still know him when he returns, or will it me some "Europeanized" stranger I’ll be encountering making eggs for me every morning?

Above: One of the runways Eddie’s plane will hopefully avoid at Reykjavík Airport.

(Just kidding. Kudos to photographer Michael Ryan and the U. S. Geological Survey for this cool photo of an Icelandic volcano in action.)

"Murder Man"

Remember my novelist friend Stephen Solomita? He’s at it again!

Mercy Killing was last week’s recreational reading indulgence for me. As usual Steve’s twists and turns kept me guessing and his ending blindsided me most wickedly. Along the way, I should add (and there’s no spoiler involved here), I learned more about arsenic than I ever expected to know.

With Our Projector Friend on Main Street

In solidarity with other North County good-film-lovers, Eddie and I recently posed for the photo you see above, which was taken by Jeanne Marklin (and slightly augmented by an impertinent local cartoonist who shall go unnamed).

The picture was taken in support of the current fundraising drive for Images Cinema, the only year-round, nonprofit, independent film house in the Berkshires. It’s located at 55 Spring Street in nearby Williamstown.

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3 Responses to Travel Notes

  1. Kevin Moore says:

    That’s great you are going to SDCC! Alas, I am not. ONE OF THESE DAYS we will meet in person.

    Love the self-portrait. It’s unsettling. In a good way. 🙂

  2. Diana Green says:

    Agh! Can’t afford SDCC this year, and would so love to see you again! It’s been ages and I still owe you for taking time on that morning to chat online with my Underground Comics class!
    Ah, well, the money I save in staying away from SDCC will go to spending time with my new girlfriend and to getting as many of my originals framed as possible, including my Stuck Rubber Baby page.
    I’ll be the envy of all my neighbors, she laughed in Machiavellian glee….

  3. I’m completely jealous of your various travels. Have fun without me.