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The New SRB Arrives

I got some advance copies last week and as far as I’m concerned it looks great. Alison Bechdel has contributed a very kind introduction to it, too. Meanwhile, Alonso Duralde of the gay-culture site Queer Sighted has just posted a new interview with me to mark the occasion. Thanks, Alonso.

And if you read that interview you’ll be among the first to learn about some new developments on the Wendel front. Since they won’t come to fruition for a year, though, I won’t bother feeding details to you now.

What do Jennifer Camper, Ivan Velez
and I have in common?

That’s right. You guessed it. But what else?

The three of us will be joining forces to present a group slideshow in the Bronx at 8 PM on June 16. It’s called "Serious Funnies" and it’ll be happening at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (acronymically known as BAAD!) at 841 Barretto Street. Oh, and did I mention that admission is FREE?!

Above: One of the new images from my new slideshow adaptation of my 1983 comic strip "That Night at the Stonewall."

Ours is but one night’s installment of BAAD!’s Out Like That! 2010 Festival, which is in turn part of NYC’s citywide Gay Pride Month celebration. So get those Metrocards ready for a workout, kids; BAAD! is gonna be rocking this month!

My Latest Bit for Main Street Stage

I’ve been devoting a lot of time recently to the creation of nineteen drawings to be projected during Pulitzer Prizewinner Paula Vogel‘s Baltimore Waltz, a play that’s now in rehearsal under the direction of Wendy Walraven at Main Street Stage here in North Adams. The show will open on June 18.

Below: One of my completed Baltimore Waltz drawings. This one depicts a street hot dog vendor peddling his wares in front of the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.

A Sketch From the Past

I recently happened upon the mildly risqué parody sketch you see below. It was one of my roughs submitted to Playboy in 1979, back when they were hitting me up for spoofs of mainstream comic strips for the magazine’s "Playboy Funnies" section.

Several of my parodies were accepted, finished, and printed in the magazine. This Mutt and Jeff riff was one of several proposed additions to the series that fell by the wayside, however, after threatening noises from newspaper-syndicate lawyers led Playboy to back away from the whole idea.

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  1. Charlie Metcalfe says:

    Great to see and hear.
    Stay in touch.

  2. I must have that new edition. Wheee!