Nephrectomy News

Above: An illustrated ode to Eddie’s kidney created by our friend Juliana in advance of the organ’s surgical removal this morning

As some of you who’re reading this already know but as most probably do not, Eddie had one of his kidneys taken out this morning along with its associated adrenal gland. His other kidney and gland are in fine shape and, as best the doctors can tell, will be fully up to the task of doing all the kidney duty that my husband requires for the foreseeable future.

I am writing this note during a quick visit to our home (which handily enough is roughly five minutes away from North Adams Regional Hospital) while Eddie is still in recovery. Within an hour or so he’ll be moved to his room on the third floor where he’ll be spending a couple of nights before returning here to recuperate.

The surgery went well, the surgeon has assured me. And that’s about all the detail you’re going to get from me since I need to return to the hospital now that I’ve had a bite of lunch.

I’m not going to fill this blog with much additional medical talk since that’s not its purpose. But for those who want to keep up with how Eddie’s doing I’ll be posting periodic reports on this Eddie Update web page that I’m setting up right now. Check back there from time to time if you want to keep up with my hubby’s progress during the next few days.

Take care, and remember never to take a good kidney for granted. They’re ugly but useful.

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  1. Please tell Eddie we send love and smooches.