In Ruthie’s Wake

Above: The lady’s shoes waiting patiently on my shoulders

Ruthie’s gone now (sigh), but like Cinderella, she forgot her shoes. (They’re in the mail to you as I write this, Rodrick & Adam.)

So with life at the Cruse-Sedarbaum household returning to normal now, what’s on my plate today?

On My Plate

Well, as is all too typical in the freelancer’s life, I’ve got an overflowing platter at the moment after months of slim pickings.

(1) In an hour or so I’ll be on the phone with an editor in my hometown of Birmingham about a one-shot educational comic strip I’ll be doing for a public health magazine down there. I’ll share details once the project congeals.

(2) Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be meeting with marketing folks from a prominent corporation for whom it looks like I’ll be doing a series of webcomics showcasing the excellent attributes of the company’s products. Strictly commercial, this endeavor, but it could be fun and it should pay better than my usual fare. Once again, it’s too early in the process to talk specifics, but my fingers are crossed that this will permit Eddie and me to finally get the crumbling cement steps in front of our house repaired.

(3) Then there’s the two-page comic strip I’m working on for the first issue of the North County Perp. It will not be pleasing to George W. Bush (as if hje cares what some two-bit fringe cartoonist in the Berkshire hills thinks about his presidency).

And of course, the lawn needs mowing again.

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