The Bookstore’s Hopping

If you live around these parts and read local papers like the Eagle, you may have noticed the nice play that was given to my reading that’s coming up in Lenox this Saturday in Mary Ellen Sondrini‘s Berkshires Week article "Meet Howard Cruse and the Lipez Family." (I wrote about the event in my last blog entry, but to review the basics: it’s happening at 2:00 Saturday afternoon at The Bookstore, which is located at 11 Housatonic Street.)

Once you’ve soaked up all of the Howard Cruse news in Mary Ellen’s article, don’t forget to move on to the part about "the Lipez family," because my reading isn’t the only cool think that’s happening at The Bookstore this October.

In keeping with its tradition of supporting local authors, The Bookstore is hosting readings by two separate Lipezes in the coming weeks.

First up (the very day after my own reading, as a matter of fact) is Zachary Lipez, (son of Becket author and my good friend Dick Lipez). Rock-‘n-roller Zachary of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has teamed up with bandmate and photographer Nick Zinner and designer Stacy Wakefield to create Please Take Me Off the Guest List, from which Nick will be reading, to musical accompaniment by Zinner and Wakefield, at 2 PM on October 17.
Then on Saturday afternoon the 30th (again at 2 PM), the aforementioned Dick Lipez, who is more widely known by his pen name Richard Stevenson, will read from his latest and most madcap ever Donald Strachey mystery novel Cockeyed.

NYCC Panel Pix

I had fun shmoozing and mingling with fans and fellow creators at last weekend’s New York Comic Con. It was a far lower-key experience than last summer’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, since my only professional responsibility this time around was appearing in a panel called "LGBT Comics, Creators, and Characters."

My pal, the "Brilliant Disguise" columnist Martha Thomases, did me the favor of snapping a few pictures to remember it by.

Above: Riveting gossip is exchanged between three of the panelists while an excitedly murmuring audience waits for the proceedings to begin.

Above: Like any authority figure imbued with the grace that comes with humility, moderator Jeff Krell occupies himself with the servile task of preparing cups of water for his panelists while waiting for the last of their number to arrive onstage. Finally, with the full membership of the panel having taken their places on the platform (specifically: Tim Piotrowski, Dan Parent, Phil Jimenez, Joan Hilty, Tim Fish, Abby Denson, and myself), Jeff assumes his proper position at the podium.

"Will You Two Just Sit Still
and Look At The Camera
for Five Seconds, Dammit?!"

Junior the pink-nosed pup, about whom I wrote two blog entries ago, has now returned to North Adams for his five-week stay with Eddie, me, and Lulu the Dalmatian. Junior is proving to be delightful company, I’m happy to report. Peace reigns between the two canines and much enjoyable inter-species cuddling is being enjoyed by all.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you that there are times when the two dogs relax alongside each other and strike noble poses that beg to be documented and shared in this blog. Junior and Lulu, it seems, are genetically equipped with finely tuned lens sensors, meaning that whenever I take my camera in hand in search of a compelling blog photo of the two of them, their harmonious tableau instantly disintegrates as the two of them turn into A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) City.

Above: Junior and Lulu refuse to pose for the house paparazzo.

Two of Life’s Lessons
That I Have Unwisely Ignored
From Time to Time

1. Think very hard before attempting to grow facial hair; and
2. Go easy on the frame size when purchasing glasses.

Above: Eddie and me in front of the White House during the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Rights.
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4 Responses to The Bookstore’s Hopping

  1. Laurent says:

    Love the 1993 picture.

  2. Looks like you were anticipating future young hipster trends in that photo!

  3. I actually liked the big glasses. Also, great to see you, and the standing-room-only crowd you drew at the Con.

  4. François says:

    What an interesting look in the 1993 photo. A bit disquieting, I must say 🙂

    And thanks for mentioning the new Strachey book. I’d missed it, but I’ve now ordered a copy. Can’t wait to read it.