Our Landlordly Endeavors

The Bad News

Our rental apartment upstairs has been vacant since the end of October. Landlords don’t like having empty apartments, since it means that the rent payments that normally cover most of our monthly mortgage obligations have evaporated pending the installation of new tenants, which has been taking longer than usual this time around.

The Good News

Having our upstairs space empty for a number of weeks is allowing us to repaint, do minor but long-needed repairs, and otherwise spruce the place up. This will hopefully make the apartment more attractive than before to future tenants and increase the market value of our house overall in the long run.

The Bad News

Fixing the place up is costing more money than we’d prefer at a time when we’re getting no rental income.

Above: Eddie consults with Butch.

Fortunately we’ve been able to engage the services of Butch Malloy, the contractor who did such a bang-up job renovating our downstair space to accommode the needs of Eddie’s mom while she was staying with us during her final days.

Above: Butch does his sawing on the porch.

Below: Mike Toniati assists with the painting.

Bye-bye, Junior!

Above: Our temporary guest dog Junior is reunited with his human companion Cheryl.

Lulu the Dalmatian’s friend Junior returned home to New York last Friday — much to his satisfaction, I’m sure. As Dorothy exclaimed to Aunt Em to the accompaniment of Toto’s wriggles of agreement: "There’s no place like home!"

You may remember from previous posts that Junior has been boarding with Eddie and me (and keeping Lulu on her toes) for the last five weeks while Cheryl has been exploring new career options in Thailand. Junior has been great company during Cheryl’s overseas adventure, as snuggly and affectionate during his stay as anyone could ask, and his infectious boisterousness has taught Lulu a whole bunch of striking new ways to put her vocal cords to use.

This Week’s Project

My project of the week has been posting a new Howard Cruse Art" fan page" on Facebook. Here’s the graphic I put together to serve as its profile picture (see below).

For those easily confused by Facebook culture (as I frequently am, by the way), a "fan page" is kind of like a "profile page"—only different. And by the way, you don’t have to be a Facebook member to view this.

A Note to Art Collectors
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3 Responses to Our Landlordly Endeavors

  1. Coffee and danish. You’ll be fine.

  2. Howard says:

    Yeah, but don’t B&B proprietors have to make breakfast for their tenants?

  3. The apartment looks lovely. Perhaps you could rent it out as a B&B while you wait for full-time tenants?