Skit Season

Above: Designer Juliana Haubrich’s promotional graphic showing Eddie and me dressed up in the costumes we’re presumably destined to wear in the fictional production of A Christmas Carol that’s being rehearsed in Kelli Newbie’s satirical skit A Critic’s Carol.

A gaggle of us Main Street Stage thespians are gearing up for the organization’s annual "Red (and Green) Room" collection of holiday-related skits and foolishness. Among the offerings will be a revival of Kelli Newbie’s spoof, A Critic’s Carol, which was staged with different players two years ago and in which Eddie and I have been cast this time around.

Now don’t come to the show to see Eddie and me in the get-ups you see above. Kelli’s skit portrays us merely in an early rehearsal for the production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol being imagined in the promo art — a rehearsal that gets interrupted by ghosts with a decidedly different agenda from the ones in the Dickens classic.

But do come to one of the four performances of "Red (and Green) Room" if you’re going to be in or near North Adams during the next two weekends. They’ll be happening on Friday and Saturday nights (December 10, 11, 17, and 18) at 8 PM. (Actually, the shows start at 8:30, but folks traditionally arrive early to socialize, these Red Room affairs being more loose-&-goosey and party-like than yer more serious Main Street Stage endeavors. See info about buying tickets at the Main Street Stage web site.

Below: Juliana and Eddie sort through potential props for our sketch.

More Fan Page Features

In case you’re interested, I added a couple of new photo-album features to my "Howard Cruse Art" Facebook Fan Page this week. One is called "When Stuck Rubber Baby Was In The Works"; the other is called "The MerchMan Tour."

I figure if I’m gonna have a fan page at all, I might as well try to keep it lively.

Obscure Cartoon Artifact Department

This week I ran across a long-forgotten flier I designed back in the ’90s. It was promoting a Chinese restaurant party in Queens that was being held for members of SAGE/Queens, the community center for LGBT seniors that Eddie founded and for which he served as Executive Director for a couple of years before he resigned to run for the New York State Senate. (That’s right, there’s never a dull minute when you spend 31 years being the spouse of Edward Paul Sedarbaum!)

Anyway, while Eddie was running SAGE/Queens I had numerous chances to contribute promo art for the organization’s frequent social events. Like the 4-panel drawing below, for example.

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2 Responses to Skit Season

  1. Kevin Moore says:

    Truly LOL-worthy. You guys are a peach.

  2. I think that if you don’t use those actual costumes in the performance, you should keep them around the house for dress-up occasions.