Cabin Fever Time

Above: Me up to my knees in the second major snowstorm of the winter. (There have been two more since then.) Eight additional hours of snow fell after this snapshot was taken.

When the first snowstorm hit (the one that I described in my last blog post; the one that arrived in full force immediately after Christmas), I didn’t have the presence of mind to take pictures, and thus was reduced to describing its impact with a cartoon and lots of words. How typically negligent of me to leave my camera unused in the closet at such a time!

I needn’t have worried, since nature proceeded to grace us with a similarly daunting reprise two weeks later, on January 12. This time I did take pictures.

Above: Eddie takes his shovel in hand as the big dig commences.
Above: Lulu finds her romps in the back yard less frolicsome than usual.

Above: That’s our Subaru on Eddie’s left. You can tell it’s a car by the protruding rear-view mirror. The mound of snow on his right is our Buick.

Above: Hours later, with the front walk shoveled and the Subaru finally freed from its grave (Yes, I helped; I didn’t just stand around taking snapshots), Eddie lumbers back to our warm living room to collapse in exhaustion. That’s a neighbor’s car in the background; our Buick still waits to be exhumed at some later time when our energy is restored and our frostbite recedes.

Additional snowflakes are descending outside my window as I write this. Fortunately, the blizzard that has dumped twelve more inches of snow on Boston this morning seems to have distributed 90% of its tonnage south of North Adams. Whew!

Also fortunately, Eddie and I don’t live in Buffalo.

Book Notes

The Complete Wendel won’t hit bookstores for another couple of months, but Bob Greenberger, my colleague from Starlog and Comics Scene days, has written an early piece about the book for the Westfield Comics blog.

And to my surprise, January 23 brought Peter Campbell’s unexpected review (at the FA / The Comiczine web site) of Felix’s Friends, my 2008 self-published book that never ever gets reviewed—due partly, no doubt, to the fact that it’s a print-on-demand item that can only be purchased from the Lulu Marketplace, which is rather out-of-the-way as retail outlets go.

Peter said good things about Felix, too. The attention is much appreciated, Peter.

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5 Responses to Cabin Fever Time

  1. We used to have a dog that would bound through the snow like she was part kangaroo.

  2. Kevin Moore says:

    Love a dog up to it’s shoulders in snow. They are always so determined. “I can make it! I know I can!” But quickly pathetic. “Help me…?”

  3. Howard says:

    That’s up to the world’s animators, John. I’m just a lowly cartoonist.



    when are you going to take THE NEXT STEP and animate F&F?


  5. …and, you know, to someone currently sitting in France, who’s passed up going to the Angoulême festival because 6°C felt a bit cold to leave a comfy though messy flat, all these smooth mounds of white fluffy snow appear oddly exciting and, yeah, magical even.

    I don’t deny there’s a major contradiction, there.

    Best wishes for a prompt thaw!