Dog Town

Above: Susan Werner, dog aficionada extraordinaire.

Where Have All The Bow-wows Gone?

Remember that old Pete Seeger song? (O.K., maybe I haven’t got the words exactly right, but Seeger wrote a song that sounded something like that.)

Anyway, I can’t speak for most of the world’s bow-wow-emitting beasties, but fifteen of them are currently residing with Eddie’s sister Susan and his nephew Eric in West Palm Beach, FL. And for balance, there’s a cat there, too.

Five of the fifteen have been sharing Eric and Susan’s living space for a while now; the other ten are brand-new arrivals. A few enjoy permanent-resident status, but the majority are merely enjoying the humans’ foster care until new adoptive parents take over. This cross-species foster-parenting marathon is an ongoing project of West Palm Beach’s A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue service, for whom Susan and Eric are but two of the organization’s numerous pet-loving volunteers.

Eddie and I spend a few days last week visiting his sister and nephew in the Sunshine State and getting to know the whole menagerie. Shall I introduce them to you now?

Above: A group montage of Susan’s current roster of four-legged roommates. Now to review them individually….

Above: The irrepressible Shorty, whose tongue-driven displays of affection will not be denied.
Above: Me with languid MungMung, who’s is "first among equals" because she alone has been with Susan since before their move south. Mungmung exercises her top dog status with quiet grace unless someone tries to eat from her kibble bowl.
Above: Swiffer, who is named for a household dusting implement, is the smallest of the bunch and the second most energetic face-licker when he’s not being distracted by his doggie playtoys.
Above: Tovah and Misty were the shyest of Susan’s canine wards when it came to interacting with us interlopers. Tovah would never let Eddie or me get within five feet of her, and Misty kept her distance by three times than much.

Above: Despite her smaller size, Nami the cat kept all of the dogs on their toes by instigating chases and wrestling matches fearlessly.

And then there are the additional ten doggies who had just arrived at chez Susan as Eddie and I prepared to leave for the airport. The newcomers are a not-yet-named mommy dog and her nine nursing newborns, who quickly became the stars of videos clips shot by Eddie and Susan using a Canon PowerShot camera and an iPhone, respectively. Once home, I edited the resulting images into a video that I’ve uploaded to YouTube.

So if the contemplation of a writhing, squeaking, and pulsing mass of mouse-sized dog babes clamoring for milk from a sublimely patient mom suits your temperament, this cinematic extravaganza just may be for you.

Coming Up Next

Now that I’m back in North Adams I’ve been busy putting final touches on the slideshow I’ll be offering this Thursday to students at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. You may recall that I’ve been invited to speak to CCS students before (see this old blog entry), and it’s always a kick to spend time with new crops of young folks who are driven (and are insane enough) to set their sights on cartooning as a profession.

CCS always seems to think of me around Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to feel loved.

Above: Me rehearsing my upcoming presentation, plus some of the new images I’ve added to the lineup of images..
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