On To New Jersey

Above: Me holding forth last week for students at CCS. (Photos by Jon Chad)

Audiences for slideshow presentations about comics don’t come much friendlier than the ones you’re likely to encounter at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT.

That’s been my experience in past years when I’ve been invited there for an afternoon as one of their Visiting Artist, and it was borne out once again on the 17th when I drove up to the school to say (and show) my piece to a fresh and welcoming group of young cartoonists-in-training.

Above: During a break the students pored over a variety of backstage artifacts from my long and checkered career.

Nature was kind enough to forego burdening me with another round of blizzards during my drive up US91 and back. In fact, it was downright sunny, and I was able to spend some pleasant time before my talk strolling around White River Junction without my parka.

Nature was apparently meeting its winter quota of good deeds by doing that, because now that I’m looking ahead to an even longer drive this weekend, new snow has begun falling and Eddie and I are strategizing about how to prevent either of our cars from being immobilized in snow drifts this time around, our two-vehicle needs being especially urgent because of my upcoming…

…Week in New Jersey

Yes, not to be outdone by CCS, Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ, has invited me to spend not just one afternoon but most of next week talking to a succession of audiences and classes about Stuck Rubber Baby, which is being given special attention because of heightened interest in the graphic novel art form in the school’s art, literature, and black history disciplines.

I’ll be kicking things off Monday afternoon with a newly updated slideshow about SRB‘s creation called "Emotions and India Ink." I could have saved myself some work, of course, by simply recycling the talk I presented at CCS last week, but Monday’s audience at FDU would probably have found themselves wondering what my penchant for drawing cartoon squirrels in 1970 had to do with Toland Polk’s struggles with racial turmoil and gay identity issues in my more recently published tome.

My week at FDU will be punctuated on Wednesday, March 7, by an off-campus book signing generously hosted by Dewey’s Comic City at 13 Park Avenue in Madison.

It’ll be happening from 7:30 to 9:30 that evening, so if you’re within easy reach of Madison that night and feel in the mood to drop by and say hi, I’ll be most pleased to see you.

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