It’s Not a Joke, Just a Drawing

An Uncharacteristic Reticence Descends

You may notice me being less chatty in my blog posts for a while. Don’t feel abandoned. I’m working on a germinal writing project, and at times like that my brain gets so preoccupied that I don’t have much verbal energy left over for composing blog copy.

I’ll do my best to post enough drawings and photos to keep things interesting. So don’t be a stranger, as we say down South.

Think You’re a Subscriber?
Not necessarily.

To my frustration, the addresses of all those who have signed up over the years to receive WordPress’s automated email notifications whenever I post new blog entries seem to have vanished into the cyber-mists during my blog’s recent transfer to a new server (as described in my blog’s previous entry). I know this to be the case because my husband Eddie was one of their number, and he didn’t hear a peep from WordPress when I last uploaded a post on June 27.

Since I’ve never known exactly who of you have been partaking of that service, I’ve had no way to contact you to let you know that you’ve been unceremoniously dumped from that notification list — assuming that some of you reading this are dumpees who have decided to visit this blog without getting email prompting you to do so.

That automated service is not to be confused with my own Loose Cruse Blog Alerts, which I continue to diligently send out personally to all who ask me to. If you would like to be added to that list, all you have to do is email me and say so.

On the other hand, if purely automated communications appeal to you, you can re-join (or join for the first time) my WordPress-generated subscriber list by clicking on the "Subscribe to Posts" link in the black bar right under "Loose Cruse: The Blog" at the top of this blog entry.

Newly Immortalized, By George!

I’ve drawn myself hundreds of times in my comics, but it’s pretty rare that I get drawn by other artists.

So it was fun seeing how Long Time Gone co-creator George Cochrane chose to depict me (see above) on the back cover of his bound assemblage of comics by the students in his "Art of the Graphic Novel" course at Fairleigh Dickenson University.

George’s students were among the many interesting young folks I got to interact with during my week as a visiting artist at FDU last March.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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3 Responses to It’s Not a Joke, Just a Drawing

  1. Independence says:

    I’m not ealsiy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  2. Howard says:

    Down at the bottom of the column to the right of my entries is a link that reads “Entries RSS” (not to be confused with the “Comments RSS” underneath it).

  3. car repos says:

    Hey there, I was just wondering…where do I get the RSS feed for your blog – Sorry about the newbie question if I missed an obvious one…