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I was recently allowed a sneak peek at the provisional cover design (shown at left) for the upcoming Spanish-language edition of Stuck Rubber Baby. I find it quite handsome.

Dolmen Books expects to bring the book out on June 6. I’ll give you more details when I know them.

For whatever reason, the publishing world in Spain has chosen to be nice to me lately on more than one front. During the last two years a second Barcelona publisher, Ediciones LaCupula, has introduced Wendel Trupstock to the comics readers of that nation by dividing the entirety of my American collection Wendel All Together into two companion volumes for Spanish consumption.
Meanwhile, in France, I was pleased to be reassured recently that the Jean-Paul Jennequin‘s French version of Stuck Rubber Baby, issued by Vertige Graphic under the title Un Monde de différence, remains in print and available to all. (I had feared that that might not be the case, since as best I can tell the German and Italian editions have vanished into the mists at this point.)
Then again, Jean-Paul’s translation of my novel did win a Prix de la critique at the Internmational Comics Festival at Angouleme, which suggests that he must have done a bang-up job of making Toland Polk accessible to readers to whom the ways of 1960s American southerners might otherwise seem as remote as grits and gravy. I surmise that Jean-Paul’s skill as a translator has given extra "legs" to the French leg of Toland’s international trajectory.

And before I move on from stuck rubber matters, let me point you to a brand-new online review at Johanna Draper Carlson’s wide-ranging and informative site Comics Worth Reading. These many years after my baby’s creation, Johanna’s generous words are much appreciated.

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