Playing Near Cliffs Can Be Fun…

…Except when it isn’t.

OK, so the Republicans were nice enough not to push the American economy into the abyss as long as Democrats agree that only those who are already struggling will find their basic needs further slashed while the GOP’s wealthy overlords won’t be required to pay a dollar in extra taxes.

Is everybody happy about that?

Will American voters remember which party is the party of unmitigated and shameless greed when they go to the polls in 2012? Will we remember which party has pulled out all the stops to destroy collective bargaining in state after state? Will we remember which party has made a project of keeping as many student and minority voters as possible from accessing the power of the ballot?

Who can know? Distractions are many and the American memory is frail.

Above: My older brother Allan and I were photographed by our dad as we conferred at my puppet stage in the basement of our Springville home.

Above: This one was for “Fat In The Blood,”

a 2002 Visionary Health Concepts pamphlet

Below: My roughest of rough sketches for the above

How I Learned About the Mysteries of Manhood

The foregoing is the entirety of what For Boys Only had to tell me about homosexuality when I was on the threshold of puberty.
(Excerpt ©1952 by Frank Howard Richardson)

In my earliest drawings, my characters tended to be heterosexual.
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One Response to Playing Near Cliffs Can Be Fun…

  1. I think the Dems ought to make a television commercial highlighting the freshman Tea Party candidates that blackmailed the country, and run it in those markets most affected by the cuts to come.

    But they won’t. Because they’re Dems.