Just In Time For Halloween

What’s Scarier Than Being
Attacked In Your Bed By Zombies?

Answer: Knowing that during the next few weeks you’re going to be uprooting yourself from a home you’ve been quite comfortable in and packing up a few decades’ worth of possessions to be hauled to a different house that’s a mere fifteen minutes away and that still needs to have a bunch of work done on it before you move in.

Below: Eddie and me alongside what will soon be our new home in Williamstown.

There are solid reasons for going to the trouble of disassembling and reassembling our lives at this juncture and, as our friends in the area know, the plan for this move has been simmering for a year or so. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to explain it all right now because I’ve got boxes to pack. Maybe once we’ve settled into the new digs I’ll devote some blog space to filling in the blanks.

Don’t hold your breath for that, though, ’cause I get the feeling that I’m not going to have much free time for blogging for a few weeks. But all will eventually become clear, so bear with me! You can sign onto my BlogAlert List described below if you want to get notified promptly when I resurface.)

Say, What’s Not to Love About Moving?

Above: Twenty years ago I helped my mom move out of the house in Birmingham that she’d lived in for the previous thirty years. I, uh, wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!

Breaking News:
Lulu Sits Still For a Photograph

You can count on one hand (with several fingers left over) the number of extant photos that include both Eddie and me in the same frame as a relaxed Lulu. In fact, coaxing Lulu to relax in front of a camera long enough for a shutter to click has always been a major accomplishment. She’s got a real sixth sense about surreptitious attempts to document her on the fly.

The rarity of family portraits that include the three of us arises from the fact that whenever a camera lens gets trained on Lulu, either Eddie or I is usually outside camera range taking the picture. We learned early on that setting the camera on delay and trying to race into view before the shutter clicks is no way to keep a fidgety Dalmatian calm.

So when a visitor to the household (like my old college friend Rosemary Murphree) thinks to quietly pick up her camera while we’re chatting and capture what is a fairly common two-guys-and-a-canine tableau like the one above, you can bet that the result is going to make it into this blog.

Which brings me to the great pleasure of spending time recently with…

Visitors From Afar

Above: Molly (left), Rosemary (right), and me posing at the door Big of Shirl’s.

Actually, Ridgefield, CT, where Molly lives, doesn’t really qualify as all that "afar" from North Adams. But if you average the distance from Connecticut to here with the distance from here to Albany, CA, where Rosemary lives, it was like welcoming two dusty travelers from somewhere in Nebraska into our home.

And temporally speaking, my friendship with Molly and Rosemary dates from times that seem far away indeed, from our College Theatre days at Birmingham-Southern when we were three spring chickens blossoming (I love mixed metaphors) under the tutelage of the inspiring and fondly remembered Dr. Arnold Powell.

Molly and Rosemary, being hardier souls than either Eddie or me, had spent Saturday rafting o’er the raging waters of the Deerfield River before driving o’er here to spend the night at our home. On Sunday morning Eddie and I proceeded to undo any health benefits they may have gained from Saturday’s exercise by tempting them into a calorie infusion at Big Shirl’s Kitchen, one of our area’s signature gustatory attractions (particularly when you’re craving a delicious carbohydrate overload with your morning coffee).

Ah, Those College Days!

Spending time with my BSC buds brings back many memories of my youthful creative efforts. And not only in the theatrical realm: I also produced "The Cruse Nest," a regular cartoon feature for our student newspaper, The Hilltop News, during my senior year. My drawing style was just beginning to find itself at the time, as you can see from the example below.

Of course, as everyone knows, my art took a different turn once I discovered psychedelics.

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