Meanwhile, Fifty Years Later…

And Who Might These Gentlemen-of-a-Certain-Age Be?

Above: My fellow grads from the ISS Class of ’62, seen swapping memories and health updates over cocktails at our official reunion party.


Why, that’s my Indian Springs compatriots from the Class of 1962 (and a few of their spouses), who converged on the high school’s Alabama campus a couple of weekends ago to celebrate our graduation’s 50th anniversary. We weren’t all there, but an impressive percentage of us showed up.

Wow! Those half-centuries certainly do fly by!


Below: Our class photo, taken in 1959 when we were freshmen.

Below: Those of us who could make it back for the party.
Below: Glee Club Director Tim Thomas led the Indian Springs Choir and Ensemble performed in a warm-up number performed in dining hall, followed by a continuation of their concert in the beautiful John Badham Theatre.

Above and below: The weather was perfect for leisurely catch-up conversations by the lake and a student’s outdoor musical performance in a lakeside gazebo. School was in session, so there were lots of opportunities for graduates from past days to mingle and compare notes with present-day students.

Above: Eddie and I had our pictures snapped while picking up our nametags at the Teachers and Alumni Reception.

Below: The school’s Alumni Weekend provided a rare opportunity for Eddie and me (Massachusetts-based as we now are) to visit with my San Francisco-based brother Allan, who graduated from ISS in 1959.

Above: Eddie and I enjoyed chatting with our pal Lem Coley, with whom I’ve maintained contact since we graduated and whose dry humor and deadpan delivery as a teenager condemned him to be depicted as a cartoon character in a comic strip I drew for the student newspaper.

Below: Librarian Jessica Smith provided a warm introduction as I prepared to deliver the slideshow about Stuck Rubber Baby that Ms. Smith and her colleague, English teacher Douglas Ray, had invited me to present as part of the school’s Visiting Writers Series.

Above: And of course, I signed copies of my graphic novel afterwards, as visiting writers are wont to do.

Postscript: I’m grateful to Sharon Samford for allowing me to include here some of the photos she took during Alumni Weekend along with those taken by the school’s official photographer.

Two Gifts

After my talk, Ms. Smith presented me with a most ingenious and meaningful gift: a worn copy of Dick Spencer’s Pulitzer Prize Cartoons that had been checked out repeatedly between 1960 and 1962 by a certain fledgling cartoonist. (Note that the book’s checkout slip, still tucked in its pocket, bears my name not once but three times).

As great as that gift was, however, it was topped by the fact that, for the first time ever, my daughter Kim and her two children, Ethan and Emily, were able to attend one of my slideshows. Naturally, audience members were fascinated to meet the real-life embodiment of the now-grown-up "baby" (to allude to but one among my title’s multiple meanings) in the book’s title.

Above: Eddie and I pose with grandson Ethan, daughter Kim, and granddaughter Emily.

Below: Before leaving to return home, Ethan, Kim, and Emily took time to assume a less formal pose for my camera.

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  1. Cherie Colston says:

    It was so wonderful to see you and Eddie again. I love and miss you both so much!!!!