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Me In The U.K.

Except for posting a few of my "Occasional Comix" online, I’ve been forced to play hookey from blogging for quite a while due to the unusually heavy demands involved in writing and drawing a new eight-page comic strip that was commissioned by Man About Town, the twice-yearly magazine from the United Kingdom.

The new strip will appear in issue #11, which isn’t out yet but should be out soon. The link above connects you to the video promo for issue #10, the magazine’s most recent edition, "Barking Mad: the Dog Issue," which came out in June.

From the video I’d say it looks like a jazzy, nicely produced periodical.

And Speaking of Video Promos…

…Another project that took up a bunch of my time this month was putting together a YouTube video trailer plugging my latest collection The Other Sides of Howard Cruse. Take a gander at it if you’re in the mood.

Me in Book Land

Moving on from videos, let’s catch up on some of my contributions this year to several old-fashioned, printed-on-paper-type books.

When my friend Allen Young, the journalist, essayist, and longtime political activist, was preparing his newest compilation of writings earlier in the year, he asked me to design the book’s cover.

The collection is called The Man Who Got Lost: North Quabbin Stories, and here’s the design I came up with.

Now if you happen to find the published book in your hands, you’ll notice that it looks slightly different from the image above since, presumably for budgetary reasons, the printer chose to go with a black-&-white version of the design rather than my color one.

I’m sympathetic with that decision, since my design’s color scheme as submitted was intentionally muted enough for not a lot to be lost by shifting to grayscale.

But muted or not, I’m still fond of the design’s form as originally envisioned, so I’m exercising my blogger’s privilege of showing you both versions.

Next in line is No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, the much lauded collection edited by Justin Hall, which aside from honoring me by including some of my own work, gave me an eye-opening look at a lot of talented LGBTQ cartoonists whose comics I haven’t been exposed to before.
And finally there’s Stripped: The Story of Gay Comics, a volume fresh out of Germany that’s edited by Markus Pfalzgraf. This is one I’m unlikely to read myself, since I’m never learned Markus’s language and haven’t seen a copy yet, anyway. I gather, however, that my words and images have some kind of presence within its pages.

I also got a modest royalty check this week from Charles "Zan" Christensen at Northwest Press, which was good news since it means that some readers have begun catching up with the e-book version of my 2009 book From Headrack to Claude, which Zan himself has adapted for iPads and other mobile devices and is available from iTunes.

As you’ll see from the iTunes listing, the app even includes Sean Wheeler’s video documentary about me as part of the package.

Zan says that the eBook division of his publishing operation has been slowly but surely gathering steam, as more and more folks who are interested in LGBTQ comics and graphic novels are discovering the ever-widening range of Northwest’s lineup.

Today’s Quiz:
Which is scariest?

(A) Halloween monsters who’ll be lurking in the dark next Wednesday;

(B) The alarming news forecasts about the massive so-called "Frankenstorm" currently lurking off the Atlantic coastline; or

(C) Mitt Romney, who continues to lurk disturbingly close to the U.S. Presidency?

In the long run I’d say it’s (C), but (B) ain’t chopped liver. As for (A), I’ll always have a warm spot in my heart for monsters. It’s my legacy of growing up amid the boom in cheesy horror films (and occasional good ones) that made Saturday double-features such fun during the 1950s.

My Wish For You Next Wednesday

May any trick-or-treaters who arrive at your doors be treats themselves.

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