A Dog’s Life — and Onward

Farewell, Lulu.

Lulu the Dalmation left us on Friday. She joined the Cruse-Sedarbaum family eleven years ago and we’ve had a lot of good times since.

Eddie and I are adjusting to our beloved pup’s absence gradually. Yesterday I finally summoned the will to remove her water bowl from its place of honor in the kitchen and wash it. Soon our reflexive impulse to summon her up onto the couch to watch television with us will begin to abate, I trust.

Buffer Paragraph

How does one segué from a death in the family to more normal blogging matters? Well, one way is to insert a buffer paragraph like this one. I’ll wait a moment now for everyone to take a moment of silence to remember Lulu if you knew her and to reflect on mortality if you didn’t. Ready to get centered?


O.K., Reflection time is over. I’ll now push onward

My Sequential Tart Interview

The publication of my latest collection, The Other Sides of Howard Cruse, has occasioned a lengthy interview that was conducted a few weeks ago by Katherine Keller and posted a week ago at the always-interesting Sequential Tart web site.

Katherine also mentioned that a page of my original art from Stuck Rubber Baby that she purchased a while back is included in an exhibition of comics art that is currently installed at Alternative Reality Comics, the Las Vegas comics shop operated by her husband Ralph Mathieu.

The October 6 opening reception for the show, which in a spirit of irony is called "Seduction of the Innocent" after the book by Fredric Wertham M.D. that scurrilously attacked the comic book industry back in the 1950s, was a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. On display are "images and materials from the height of the comics self-censorship era."

Although that show’s opening reception has passed by now (which doesn’t mean you can’t still make a contribution to the valiant and valuable CBLDF), if you’re in Vegas and can break away from the casinos for a few hours, you’ll still be able to view the exhibition until its run ends on November 28.

They’ll sell you some comic books, too, if you ask politely.

Of course, purists may quibble that Stuck Rubber Baby doesn’t really hail from "the height of the comics self-censorship era." But I don’t feel like an interloper in the "Seduction" exhibit since I can nevertheless take pride in the number of times my graphic novel has been targeted by censors over the years (and hooray for the nation’s librarians who have resisted excluding it from their library shelves in almost every instance). During the most recent Banned Book Week, in fact, it made the Queery blogs list of the ten books that the book-banners consider "Way Too Gay To Read."

Election Day

O.K., forgive any gloating tone that’s discernible in the following statement of fact, but on behalf of the Cruse-Sedarbaum household I’m delighted to announce that:

Our Gal Won!!!!!

And furthermore, the Eddie Sedarbaum half of the household served as a full-time volunteer for the four months leading up to Election Day helping to make that desirable outcome come to pass, as this North Adams Transcript article about our neighborhood volunteering efforts makes clear.

I voted for Elizabeth, naturally. But Eddie did much, much more.

Below: Eddie prepares to head for the Elizabeth Warren campaign office in North Adams during the final days before the election.

Above: Volunteers keep the phone banks humming.

Below: Eddie gives last-minute tips to a volunteer who’s about to go canvassing.

Above, from left to right: Field Organizer Owen Davis; my husband Eddie; and volunteer Nick Edwards pause for a snapshot during the final Election Day push.

Below: If you click on the photo below you can view a portion of our new Senator’s acceptance speech.

And by the way…

Obama won, too. Yay!!!

Going To Be In Stockbridge, MA Next Saturday?

There will be an all-afternoon (1 PM-5 PM) "Mini-comic Con Event" at the Norman Rockwell Museum. It’s in connection with the current Alex Ross "Heroes and Villains" exhibition, which would be well worth spending a day looking at during its November 12-February 24 run with or without the added attraction of a mini-con.

But hey, if you can be there at 2 PM on the 17th you can break away from admiring Alex’s artistry in order to see and hear me giving a slideshow about my work. And when I’m not doing my presentation, I’ll be hanging out at a table waiting to visit with you all afternoon, and at nearby tables you’ll find cartooning colleagues of mine like Jerry Craft, Sean Wang, and Greg Ruth.

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  1. Martha Thomases says:

    Congrats to Eddie! He rocks!

    And, again, my sympathies for Lulu. She sounded like a fantastic dog.