Yule Log

Well, here we are, winding up December’s batch of holidays and entering into unknown territory with a new year that promises ever-more-breathtaking governmental outrages. What is American politics if not, uh, riveting?

At least things are quiet here on the Sedarbaum-Cruse home front. We have a toasty fire in the fireplace…

…and Molly the newly adopted Lab is gradually acclimating herself to our patterns of home life.

We hope all of you have better things to do than read blogs, of course, as the holiday season peaks. But for those of you loyal enough to be reading this despite the allure of eggnog and tree baubles, I’ll note a few passing events and then leave you to roast your chestnuts in peace.

When Bad Photographs Happen To Good People

Question: Why are our author/illustrator friends John Seven and Jana Christy (often known jointly by the pseudonym John & Jana) disturbingly out of focus in the picture below? Answer: Because I have yet to master the art of taking photos with my new iPhone.

But I’m still posting the photo here because it gives me an excuse to praise John & Jana’s new children’s book, A Rule Is To Break, that was being featured at the book-signing my fuzzy photograph documents. (By the way, shouldn’t such images be called iPhonographs when they’ve been taken with an iPhone? I’m just asking.)

Eddie and I have become personal friends with this North Adams-based husband-and-wife creative team since we moved into the area. But even if I didn’t know them from Adam and Eve I would be a fan of this book, whose illustrations are charming to look at and whose words are bracing in their unsentimental championing of individualism in childhood.

Additional Nice Things

The issue of the classy British magazine Man About Town that contains “The Stage Direction,” an eight-page comic strip I was feverishly working on a couple of months ago, has now gone on sale. It’s called “The Gay Issue,” which may give you a clue to why they thought of inviting me to contribute.

Although this bi-annual magazine will be easier to pick up if you live in the U.K. (or have a means of teleporting yourself there to shop for reading matter), I’m told that it can be purchased in American Barnes & Nobel Bookstores and is also purchasable online. To be exact, my comic strip is in the Fall-Winter issue, #11.

Also, author/podcaster Bob Andelman has honored me with a third opportunity to do a video interview on his fascinating Mr. Media web site. Our conversation this time around is occasioned by the publication this summer of my most recent book, The Other Sides of Howard Cruse, but our exchanges range far and wide to include covering everything from my struggles with Zipatone (which I recounted in a 2009 blog post) to my unlikely status as a two-time grandfather.

That’s it for now, folks. I leave you to tune in for your two-hundredth viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life, or alternatively to simply bathe in a warm bathtub with the red-nosed quadruped of your choice.

Happy New Year!
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