Twelve Steps

A loyal reader has reminded me that I never let you see how the new steps in front of our house (shown as works-in-progress in my July 14 post) came out once construction was finally completed. So let me take a moment to rectify that oversight.
As you can see, the design is simple rather than showy, the grander Hello Dolly-ish staircase alternative being beyond our means. But outdoor staircases are not really built for dramatic entrances anyway, although had singing bellhops and designer gowns been put to use Eddie and I could probably have drawn respectful applause from one or two of our neighbors.

The new steps are blessedly sturdy, serviceable, up-to-code, and each riser is actually the same height as the ones above and below it,which is a major improvement over their stumble-prone crumbly-concrete predecessors.

The bank on each side has been re-seeded and will, we’ve been assured, someday be green again.

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0 Responses to Twelve Steps

  1. Howard Cruse says:

    This is treated wood that, according to the contractor, is supposed to stand up to the elements (although he does recommend that we stain the steps when winter approaches). Time will tell.

  2. mthomases says:

    The stairs are lovely. Will they stay so straight and tidy through the winter? I would worry about wood warpingn from the snow and ice.