The Secret Is Out!

Now it can be told! Last night The Soap Factory in Minneapolis finally held it’s suspense-filled (not to mention bargain-filled) $99 Sale fundraising event, at which more than 200 identical-sized (5"x7") works of art were made available to the Soap Factory’s supporters, all for the identical price of $99.

The catch? All of the artworks in question were unsigned — or rather, their signatures were hidden on the backs of the individual pieces so that a buyer could not know the identity (and hence the exact level of celebrity enjoyed by) the creator of his or her newly-purchased masterpiece until after their $99 had been forked over.

As one of the participating artists, I was, of course, sworn to secrecy (until today). After all, had word leaked out that the drawing above was the work of noted cartoonist Howard Cruse (as opposed to, say, Thomas Kinkade or Paris Hilton), a stampede might have resulted that could have endangered life and limb among the gallery crowd. Hence my months of carefully preserved anonymity as the renderer of the belligerent paint tube you see before you in the service of a noble cause.

About Howard

I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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0 Responses to The Secret Is Out!

  1. Yeah…I’d have pegged that one as yours too. It’s you…the way you draw, the humor, the bolding in the dialogue…

    Now I have to go downstairs and make sure none of my oils are miffed at me…

  2. Well, it was obvious it was yours.
    It has your trademark gentleness and goofyness, and uh, were you watching Fox News when you drew it?