Where Was My Head At in 1974?

In the fall of 1974 I was 30 and had just moved back to Birmingham from Atlanta. Randall Williams, who is now the editor-in-chief at NewSouth Books but was at that time the editor of a local alternative newspaper namedThe Paperman(and subsequentrly re-named Birmingham Reporter) had taken an interest in my work even before my move. By the time I had resettled in my small apartment on the city's Southside, Randall was running new Barefootz comic strips regularly in his paper.

That was an especially exciting time for me, since I was also busily drawing multi-page Barefootz stories for publication in Comix Book magazine — my character's first opportunity be sold on regular Seven/Eleven newsstands and thereby expand my reach beyond underground comic books.

Shortly after I hit town, the Reporter invited me to sit down with journalist John Northrop for a long interview about Barefootz that enjoyed prominent front-page display. A lot of decades have passed since then, but as long as I've got this section of my web site here that's devoted to those early comix of mine, I thought I would post a scan* of that interview up here for the edification of any of you who may wonder what I was like before Gay Comix, Wendel, and Stuck Rubber Baby arose to re-define the course my cartooning career was destined to take.

*Sorry that the Birmingham Reporter column looks ragged here. It was scanned off of yellowed, 40-year-old newsprint and shows it! If I had had a digital version of the text I would have been able to copy and paste it, but I didn't. (I've tried to enhance readability by running the scan large.)

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