The Fantagraphics collection has been out of print for decades.
You won't find the old comic books for sale anywhere except in obscure used comix bins.

Yet Inquiring Readers still want to know . . .
A goofy comic strip about a sweet guy with a huge head and enormous bare feet who hangs out with cockroaches, a horny girlfriend, a hippie artist wannabe and a weird beast of unknown origin who barfs frogs by the hundreds from underneath a bed.

This from the guy who drew Wendel and Stuck Rubber Baby?

WHAT WAS GOING ON with Howard Cruse during the 1970s?
Shall I lift the veil of mystery?

Click on the link below for a
Sober Historical Overview

Click here for a sillier account of
How Barefootz Was Created

Click here for a journey
Through The Swinging '70s With Barefootz

Click here for
A 1974 Interview About Barefootz

Click here for my account of
the 1978 Barefootz story that went off the rails

Speaking of Ozymandius

And click here to find out what happened
when Barefootz returned as
a newly drawn online strip in 2002!

Barefootz: The Web Incarnation

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