So, what's
in this book?

Here's a sneak peek
at the List of Contents

From Miss Thing to Jane’s World
Artifacts & Benchmarks / Part 1
That Night at the Stonewall
The Passer-By
Gravy on Gay
Artifacts & Benchmarks / Part 2
Billy Goes Out
Jerry Mack
I Always Cry at Movies
Getting Domestic
Dirty Old Lovers
Safe Sex
Cabbage Patch Clone
Trapped Naked
Gay Dorks in Fezzes
Sometimes I Get So Mad...
The Gay in the Street
1986: An Interim Epilogue
The Kardinal and the Klansman
Homoeroticism Blues
The Woeful World of Winnie and Walt
His Closet
Rainbow Curriculum
The Educator
A Zoo of Our Own
My Hypnotist
Then There Was Claude

*Not gay, but still relevant

WARNING: Many images in this book originally appeared
in underground comix drawn