In 1987 St. Martin's Press decided to publish a 104-page compilation of short comic strips and stories that I had drawn during the previous dozen years. Many of them appeared originally in underground comic books and were, y'know, pretty "Adults Only." Others came from more mainstream publications like Starlog, The Village Voice, Eclipse, Heavy Metal, and Raw. One story was printed for the first time in the St. Martin's Press book, which was called Dancin' Nekkid With the Angels after a line in the closing panel of the comic strip Death. All of my contributions to the early issues of Gay Comix — the underground project that transformed my creative life and put its stamp on my professional reputation forever — were included.

Denis Kitchen took an interest in the book — not surprisingly, since much of its content was migrating from underground comix that his company, Kitchen Sink Press, had produced. Denis made arrangements with St. Martin's Press to publish his own limited-edition hardcover version of the book simultaneously with the St. Martin's Press trade paperback. All of the pricier Kitchen Sink hardcovers were signed by yours truly during an afternoon's marathon of fevered scribbling.

While copies of each still surface occasionally, both editions of Dancin' Nekkid have been out of print for many years now, so most of you will never see a copy. A few stories from the book have been adapted for display on this web site, however. If you'd like to review which comic strips those are, click here.

(NOTE: All of the gay-themed comix in Dancin' Nekkid With the Angels also appear in From Headrack to Claude.)

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