The Other Sides of Howard Cruse

Between Stuck Rubber Baby, The Complete Wendel, and From Headrack to Claude, practically all of the gay-themed comics I've ever drawn are now in print and available.

But there are lots of comics I've done over the years for underground comix and other publications that aren't about being gay at all. Those are the comics that have been assembled by Boom! Town in my new book called The Other Sides of Howard Cruse.

Some of the contents in Other Sides were included in my 1987 book Dancin' Nekkid With The Angels and my 1990 book Early Barefootz. But both of those books have been out of print for more than fifteen years now, and a bunch of comics that were left out of those earlier collections or were drawn since they came out have never been reprinted in book form at all.

Over time I've adapted a handful of these comics for my web site. But only a handfull! The Other Sides of Howard Cruse pulls all sorts of stuff together that will be new to all but my most obsessive fans.

There are new text features too: I've written short background essays to accompany a number of the stories, and underground comix veteran Jay Lynch has contributed an introduction.

For a sneak peek at a small sampling of what's waiting for you in Other Sides, click on the little postage-stamp-sized snippits below. A few of these may be familiar, but I'm betting that not all of them will be, and Other Sides collects way more than the twelve examples you see here.

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