Shearwell in "The Prodigal Sheep"

In this story I chose to follow in film giant Cecil B. DeMille's footsteps, bringing a much-loved Bible story to life by showing how alluring this sin thing is that we're all supposed to repent for eventually. Shearwell the sheep runs away to the big city and falls in with a dangerous dominatrix chicken. Hopefully reading about Shearwell's tragic missteps leading to ultimate redemption helped steer many of my readers back to the straight and narrow.

Shearwell and the formidable Ms. Henpack were characters lifted from my old funny-animal newspaper panel Tops & Button, which ran weekdays in the Birmingham Post-Herald between 1970 and 1972. As you can see, the characters were appropriately repackaged for an underground comix environment.

"The Prodigal Sheep" first appeared in Bizarre Sex #8 (Kitchen Sink Comix, 1980). Shearwell's only other appearance in an underground comix was called "Li'l Nirvana Sees God" which first ran in Dope Comix #2 (Kitchen Sink Comix, 1978) and is also included in The Other Sides of Howard Cruse.

Artwork above ©1978 by Howard Cruse

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