Barefootz Strips and Stories

My character Barefootz first saw print in 1971 in the pages of the student newspaper at the University of Alabama and ended up dominating my cartooning life through much of the 1970s. Selected strips and episodes from the feature's first few years were collected by Fantagraphics in 1990 in a book called Early Barefootz, but that collection has been out of print for years now and a projected companion volume that would have compiled the remaining portion of the Barefootz saga never saw the light of day.

The Other Sides of Howard Cruse devotes a generous number of pages to Barefootz strips and stories covering the full span of the feature's life, including many that have never before been reprinted.

If you'd like to learn more about Barefootz's strange life as the most unlikely underground comix character around, click here.

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