"Creepy Snuff Porn"

The panel you see here is practically the only image in my 3-pager from Snarf #10 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1987) that can be displayed on this R-rated web site. That's how transgressive a mood I was in when I drew it!

It's my howl of rage at the gross assault on intellectual honesty popularly known in its day as the "Meese Commission on Pornography," on which public money was spent during the first Bush presidency. The strip also sprang from my fury over the similarly dishonest 1986 Bowers v Hardwick Supreme Court ruling upholding the constitutionality of state sodomy laws, which was issued a week before I drew this.

Happily, the Supreme Court finally undid its predecessor's misdeed regarding sodomy laws 17 years later, so I can now visit my home state of Alabama as a non-criminal. The Meese Commission, however, remains a blot on U.S. history to this day and those who participated in its shenanigans as though it were a legitimate inquiry into public policy should hang their heads forever in shame.

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