"My Life As a TV Pundit"

Contrary to any impression this comic strip may leave you with, I have never actually risen to prominence in the TV punditry field. But that hasn't stopped me from sharing four pages of reminiscence about my many and varied accomplishments in this arena.

Having a microphone placed in the proximity of one’s mouth is guaranteed to make anyone feel smarter than he or she actually is. Having been interviewed a time or two on the air, I know whereof I speak. Even bearing that in mind, I can’t help wondering how so many comparative mediocrities find their way into television's opinion panels. Most likely some have gotten there by pure serendipity, having been plucked from obscurity because of some detail in their biography that seems vaguely related to a topic for which a punditry slot needs to be quickly filled.

Perhaps they have fallen down an elevator shaft, say, and have thereby emerged with useful insights into architectural safety. This is what leads to my own imagined rise to fame in "My Life As a TV Pundit," and one could argue that real-life careers have been built on flimsier foundations.

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