"Damage Control"

The aftermath of the horrendously lethal 1984 disaster in Bhopal stuck in my craw for years, as is evidenced by my inclination to include a jab in its direction when I drew “Damage Control” fifteen years later. Upon reflection, however,I realized that what was on my mind while I was drawing “Damage Control” in 1999 was less what happened in Bhopal fifteen years earlier than my continuing anger over how easily the American public at large succumbs to manipulation by those who stand to gain by the expert quelling of outrage.

With skills honed over generations and money funneled into their enterprises by the truckloads, the manipulators of public opinion have become expert at making us tolerate the intolerable. Indeed, they’re so skilled at their trade that they aren’t afraid to ply their craft out in the open for all to see. We may become cynical in the process, but that doesn’t keep us from dancing to their tune.

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