(Used copies are still floating around, though,
and you can still buy new copies directly from me)

Since it was published in 1995, my graphic novel has won Eisner and Harvey Awards in the U.S., a Comics Creators Award in the U.K., a Luchs Award in Germany, a 2007 Saló del Còmic de Barcelona Award in Spain, and a 2002 Prix de la critique at the Angouleme International Comics Festival in France. The Comics Journal also included Stuck Rubber Baby among its listing of the "100 Best Comics of the Century."

2010 saw the arrival of a new 15th Anniversary edition, published this time under the DC Comics Vertigo imprint. The new edition featured freshly drawn cover art and a brand new introduction by Alison Bechdel.

Here's what it looked like:

And if Spanish is your language, check out the Spanish-language
edition that was published by Astiberri Ediciones in 2016.

Curious about the process by which
my book was originally created?
Then take a stroll along
The Long and Winding
Stuck Rubber Road

If you want to see how the book was received,
here are some

excerpts from reviews.

For a quick taste of Stuck Rubber Baby
if you haven't read the book yet,
take a look at my web adaptation ofthe

Printed "Teaser"
that I created to generate interest in SRB
during the months leading up to its 1995 publication.

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