14 Approaching 25%

Why fresh eyes are useful: My agent, Mike Friedrich of Star*Reach, took a look at my first version (above left) of this panel from page 75 and asked, "Why is Mabel about to bite Raeburn's thumb?" The redrawn version on the right is the one you'll find in the finished book.

With the completion of chapter seven several weeks from now, Stuck Rubber Baby will be 25% drawn – which would sound pretty good if it hadn’t taken so long to do that much. A bit of arithmetic reveals that, rather than a two-year project, I seem to be embroiled in a three-year project, for which I will earn only two years’ income. This is economic brinksmanship of a magnitude I’ve never come close to before.

Nevertheless, the prospect of soon having a quarter of this monster drawn does make it seem possible that someday the whole thing will indeed exist!