16 Renaming a Church

As a preacher's kid I passed more than my share of time in church pews, but they were Methodist or Baptist pews for the most part. Although I had set foot in Episcopal sanctuaries a few times before drawing Stuck Rubber Baby, I hadn't picked up on the rather specific architectural conventions that the denomination apparently prizes. Fortunately, a friend of mine with appropriate church ties was available to serve as my consultant on matters Episcopal while my novel was in progress, and he was quick to inform me that no self-respecting Episcopal church would sport a balcony of the sort I had included in the page 36 panel that's shown above, on the left. The revised drawing (shown on its right) is the one that appears in the published book.

Hopefully all of those worshipers who had been packed into the first version's balcony managed to find seating downstairs before my wrecking ball went into action.


As promised, here's Chapter Six. Also note that, along with the new chapter, I’m enclosing new versions of four pages you already have (17, 23, 36, & 38). Late feedback from my source on Episcopalianism has led me to change the name of Sammy’s church. He also raked me over the coals for even grosser technical errors on page 36, and I have done a lot of redrawing on that page. …