17 Perhaps by '94?

I asked Harvey Pekar of American Splendor fame, whose expertise in classic jazz lore is well documented, to review for obvious improbabilities the fictional career arc I planned to ascribe to Anna Dellyne Pepper. I also asked him what record label she would probably have recorded for during her brief professional life. He suggested Savoy, and told me about a classic record shop in Manhattan, Records Revisited, where I might find one of the company's old labels to use as reference. The proprietor of the shop, Morton Savada, was happy to help me out by showing me several rare items he had in stock. I couldn't afford to purchase any of the prized 78s themselves, but I did purchase an empty record sleeve he had on hand, and Mr. Savada graciously allowed me to photocopy the label from one of the disks themselves.

I knew that most SRB readers would breeze right past this detail without giving it a thought, but I also enjoyed knowing that maybe five of them would understand what they were seeing and get a buzz from their special awareness that the disk Sammy was handling had roots in the actual world of real-life jazz performing.

LETTER TO HENRY (January 17, 1992)

… The graphic novel inches along. At present I have 63 completed pages out of 208. It’s going to take longer than originally thought; I now anticipate an early-1994 publication. I will breathe an incredible sigh of relief when I can simply show the finished product instead of perpetually referring to it as a shadowy work-in-progress. …