21 Wendel's For Bill

TIME OUT FOR THE REAL WORLD: Like everybody else I'm a big bundle of ambivalence by now about Bill Clinton, given his mixed record on many important issues and his well documented personal failings. But I still have no regrets about agreeing to support him publicly in 1992 by drawing a Wendel endorsement card for inclusion in an edition of Sean Strub's Community Cardpack, which was a packet of cards (mostly of a commercial rather than political nature) which were distributed via mass mailings to those lesbians and gay men who had been open enough about their orientations to permit their names and addresses to be funneled onto gay-specific mailing lists.

It's the only time Wendel ever lent his name to a political candidate, but I decided that, what with the AIDS crisis raging, it was time for the Strawhead to forego squeamishness and go the limit for his country's welfare.

LETTER TO HENRY (September 27, 1992)

… Eddie is in Vermont as I write this, taking a breather at a friend’s country home after a particularly intense two months of rush work piled on top of political activism. I envy him his time of solitude, but just didn't feel I could let myself take a week off.

Both of us are intensely anxious for Bush
[that's the first one, not W] to be defeated in the upcoming presidential election and are being teased mercilessly by polls that suggest it could actually be possible. I’ve done my bit by enlisting Wendel in the effort. If movie stars believe they can influence voters, I see no reason why fictional cartoon characters shouldn't be listened to attentively!