29 Four To Go

Here's a scene for which Eddie's hand modeling was insufficient because I needed two sets of hands, not one. It's no breeze to figure out exactly how a pair of hands fit together when one person is clasping the other person's hand while standing behind him and reaching over his shoulder. You can try faking this unusual interplay of fingers, thumbs, and palms, and I know plenty of terrific cartoonists who can probably do so indetectibly. But my command of anatomy isn't that great and I usually come to grief in such situations unless I've got someone showing me what the gesture I'm after looks like in the real, flesh-and-blood world.

This is why, no matter how much of a hermit you're inclined to be, it's useful to have a few friends to call on beyond the willing boyfriend who's a couple of rooms away -- friends like Murdoch and Gary (seen above, except that Gary's face isn't in the picture), who live a block away and have been drafted for various types of unpaid assistance since they were foolish enough to move into our neighborhood.


I last wrote when I had just finished chapter 19. I’m now another chapter along. 84% done. Four more chapters to go.

Publication is still a year away, but the first mention of my baby appeared in Publisher’s Weekly a couple of weeks ago, in an article about comics-related projects that are in the pipeline. So I’m beginning to have those first little tremors of excitement….