30 Done (Sort Of)!

Eddie and I celebrated the completion of Stuck Rubber Baby by taking the Long Island Railroad out to the North Shore Animal League and adopting our dog Foxy. Foxy was a big hit with our fellow passengers on the train ride back to Queens. And Foxy being Foxy, why wouldn't she be?

Meanwhile, the closing pages may have been inked and approved, but cover art for my book still had to be created. The faces above are from the drawing that was ultimately featured on Paradox Press's original 1995 hardcover edition. If you'd like to know the process by which we arrived at this image, click the "Next step Arrow" at the bottom of this page.


I write with good news: I finished the last chapter of Stuck Rubber Baby last week. Can you believe it?

It’s not that I’m actually done with the project. There will be many corrections and revisions to be made before I can finally turn over the artwork to the DC Comics production department. And the cover art remains to be done …

Now that I’m only weeks away from having the freedom to turn my full attention to freelancing again, my morale is climbing. It’s not going to be easy getting back on a reasonable economic footing, but at least I won’t be trying to do it with one hand (or foot) tied behind me.