4 Voodoo & Condoms

Above: My sketch for the SRB splash page logo. There's something about having its own logo that makes anything seem realer.

Lots of people had trouble with the book's title. Lynn Johnston, a wonderful cartoonist who couldn't have been more supportive of the book, admitted to The Comics Journal that she"hated the title." Another good friend who knew I was working on it spent several blocks of an AIDS Walk trying to persuade me to go for something less perplexing.

I'm not too proud to consider other people's opinions about my artistic decisions, but in some cases I know in my gut that a particular tack is the correct one to take. I knew I would get some teasing about it, though. The playwright Robert Patrick calls it "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers" after a vocal exercise that actors use to limber up their tongues.

JOURNAL ENTRY (April 30, 1990)

A title jumped up from my unconscious today. Unless I think of a better idea, I’ll call the book Stuck Rubber Baby. Catchy, no? Whaddaya mean, what does it mean? Makes you curious, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s got two meanings. It refers to a baby that gets made because a rubber gets stuck, and also to the protagonist (poor baby!) – he of the stuck rubber and its attendant dilemmas.

I could change my mind, but what I like about the title is that it’s playful and unpretentious. It’s unlikely to scare readers away with hints of all the Great Themes that, of course, I fully intend to load the book up with!

The only down side is that it could suggest that this is a comic book about voodoo dolls. And will DC Comics freak at the thought of publishing a comic with a title that refers to a condom?