Some sample episodes
from Wendel's earliest days

(Sorry, folks, the nekkid pinup above won't be in the book.
It's from the June 2001 issue of Unzipped Monthly.)

©1983, 1984, 2001 by Howard Cruse.

Wendel Answers a Sex Ad

The Strawhead's debut episode

The Enchanted Evening

Love blooms between Wendel and Ollie

Branman & Clawboy

Ollie's young son pushes Wendel's buttons.

Enter Sterno

Ollie's childhood pal blows into town.

Artist at Work

Ollie competes with a typewriter.

Recruiting the Boss

Everybody's welcome at the Pride Parade

And finally...
Little Howie in Slumberland

A 1997 re-encounter between an artist and his creation

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