I had fun drawing 'em!
Now you can live with 'em!

"Soulmates at the Candy Counter"

Commissioned in 2005
by Shane (Bat-Moloy) O'Shaughnessy

"Pedagog Howie"

1998 drawing promoting my cartooning class
at the New York School of Visual Arts

"Itchy Doggie"

A 2018 dog cartoon
drawn just for fun

"Taped and Gagged"

A 2011 cartoon drawn out of
personal anguish (don't ask)

"Taffy Dance"

2005 / It started as a self-portrait
but then went off the rails

"What's The Point?"

2013 / Based on an unpublished sketch
commissioned in the '90s for a Topps project

"Distorto Faces"

2015 / Montage of variations on my own face
as distorted by Apple's Photo Booth app

"Chester's Date"

Drawn in 2011 for an Oso Oro auction
organized by my pal and colleague Ivan Velez Jr.

"Leather Baby"

An Illustration commissioned by the Village Voice
for a 1991 article about gayness being inborn

"Jacked-Up Barefootz"

A reconfigured and colored version
of a 1985 Barefootz strip.

"A New Can of Worms"

An unsavory 2018 cartoon about
worm consumption, drawn just for fun


"Louie's Last Smoke"

My contribution to a 2003 auction benefitting
the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art (MoCCA)


Excerpted from my
certificate art for the
2003 Prix de la Critique
BD award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival

"Time to

This was drawn
on a day in 1989 when
my nerves were
exceptionally jittery.


Many decades ago the editor
of a science-fiction 'zine
asked me to come up with
cover art for one of his issues.
I sketched out an idea that
I really liked and submitted it
to him for his approval, but
darned if he didn't reject it!


Then in 2013 I stumbled
across the old sketch in my files
and decided I still liked it. So
I did a finished version of it
in color — just for fun.

Warning "

(Date undertain)

This was drawn years ago for
an art collector* who was
soliciting drawings from dozens
of cartoonists, all on
the theme of "cliffs."

*Due to a long-ago computer malfunction, I've lost track of
the guy's name. If it was you
and you recognize my drawing, please get in touch.

"Me? Poet

In 2013 my cousin-in-law
recited an amusing poem
that he had written at his
daughter's wedding reception.
Afterwards I cleverly quipped:

You a Poet Laureate?
Hey, I'm all foreatte!

He chuckled politely, of course.
But once Eddie and I were home
I decided that my stupid quip
merited a stupid illustration.


A 1985 self-promotional
drawing I created as a way
of drumming up freelance
illustration assignments.

(Trying desperately to impress skeptical editors can
be soul-shattering!)


"Glottal Squat"

As this 2005 drawing exemplifies, once I venture intocartoon surrealism,
a hard-to-define libidinous tinge tends to sneak ito the image.

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