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Stuck Rubber Baby
Available in three formats while my supplies last

The 2010 Hardcover Edition (with Alison Bechdel's Introduction) —$35
The 2011 Softcover Edition (Sorry; I've run out of copies)
The 1996 Softcover Edition (with Tony Kushner's Introduction)

WHY THREE VERSIONS? Well, the original hardcover 1995 Paradox Press edition of this graphic novel featured an Introduction by playwright Tony Kushner, the author of Angels in America. Unfortunately, I have no spare copies of that hardcover left, but I do have copies to sell of the softcover version that followed in 1996. When DC brought out a beautifully repackaged 15th- anniversary edition of my best-known book in 2010, a brand-new introduction by Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home, was part of the package. As you can see, I've got hardcover copies of the 2010 book but my supply of that edition's softcover edition has been exhausted.

The Complete Wendel —$35

A 288-page compilation that includes the entire Wendel comic strip series (1983-89) from The Advocate plus extra Wendel-related drawings and strips, an introduction by Alison Bechdel, and a newly-drawn 2-page spread called "Where Are They Now?"

From Headrack To Claude (The Book) —$32

A 100-page paperback compilation of all of the short gay-themed comics I drew between 1976 and 2008. Some of the strips first appeared in adults-only underground comic books, so this collection isn't for kids (or faint-hearted adults).

The Other Sides of Howard Cruse —$35

Published by Boom! Studios in 2012, the contents of this sturdy hardcover collection are a perfect compliment to From Headrack to Claude, in that these widely varied strips and stories from 30 years of my cartooning career address topics other than gay ones. There's also an introduction by veteran undergrounder Jay Lynch and a number of newly written essays by yours truly. Given the underground roots of some of the stories, this one is also recommended for mature readers.

The Swimmer With a Rope In His Teeth —$24

In both content and drawing style this 70-page fable, published by Prometheus Books in 2004, was a major departure for me. It's my adaptation of a satirical story about religion and missed opportunities by the late composer Jeanne E. Shaffer. It's been out of print for a couple of years now, so you're not likely to come across a non-used copy unless you get it from me.

Felix's Friends —$24

This lavishly illustrated 60-page paperback, subtitled "A Story For Grownups and Unpleasant Children," will remind you of every obnoxious neighborhood kid you've had the misfortune to befriend. It's safe for pre-teens and teens as long as they have a little bit of snark in them, and my bet is that older folks will enjoy the satire, too.

From Headrack To Claude (The eBook) —$6.99

The same content as the book described above, but expertly re-formatted for download to your tablet. This goes directly from Northwest Press or iTunes to you, so I can't sign it for you, but there are bonus features to compensate for that (besides the lower price). For one thing, comix that were originally published in color are still in color here, and as a bonus feature Northwest is including a video documentary about me that was created in 2010 by Sean Wheeler for a local TV station here in Williamstown, MA.

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