Sure, my main mission in life
is to nurture your soul with works of timeless art.
But I've also got a lot of books, drawings,
and cartoony merchandise to hawk!

Click on the graphic below to learn details and prices.

In all likelihood you'll be able to buy my books online
for less than you'll pay if you purchase them directly for me.

But those copies won't be
embellished with my signature.
(And for some folks that matters!)

So I'm happy to play retailer
as long as my personal stashes hold out.

NOTE: One of my books, From Headrack to Claude,
has been beautifully adapted by Northwest Press
into a downloadable e-book
, by the way,
and is also available from iTunes, for that matter.

Obviously, there's no way I can sign an e-book for you
(although if I happen to be at your house someday
I'll be glad to write my name on your iPad).

If you do go for the e-book version, though, you'll get a couple of bonuses:
some interior color that wasn't practical in the print edition,
and Sean Wheeler's 2011 video profile about me,
called I Must Be Important 'Cause I'm In a Documentary.

Hey, how about dressing up your walls
with small, inexpensive prints of my artwork?

Click the graphic below for details.

And I haven't forgotten you collectors of
Original Cruse Artwork!

And last but not least,
there's my Cruse art-emblazened Merchandise!

Mugs! T-shirts! Mouse pads! Clocks and baby bibs, even!!
Loads of everyday items are waiting for you
at my "Cruse Goodies" CafePress shop,
each decorated with my cartoon images
and begging to be selected as gifts
whenever you're in a gift-giving state of mind.
(Gifts to yourself are allowed.)

Overwhelmed by the sheer
abundance of opportunities?

My advice: Take a deep breath,
ask yourself how much you dare to spend,
and then plunge in!

Remember: Buying art
makes more art possible!

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