Why I'm glad I played it safe
Magazine illustrations are more ephemeral than theatre logos like the one I discuss in Creating One Play's Logo Art; hence there's less need to preserve their "master" versions in perpetuity. But you can bet that I keep both my 600dpi B&W Master and my 300dpi unflattened Color Master intact and available until a magazine drawing has been certifiably completed and published.

The fact that I could still lay my hands on both master versions of my messy car drawing made switching the placement of the car's eyeballs a breeze. It also made me thank my lucky stars for Adobe Photoshop and the whole Digital Revolution. In olden days, back when I colored my artwork with designer guauche and color separations were generated on film by cameras, it was murderously difficult to patch a revision into finished color artwork smoothly enough for the change to be undetectable once it was published. Now that I paint with pixels, I don't break a sweat.