Among the many talented members of my extended family are two brothers named Andy and Eli, who are among the grandsons of my late cousin Jeannie and Jeannie's survivingusband Bunky. (I guess that makes Andy, Eli, and their siblings my third cousins, although I get easily confused about nomenclature in family trees with lots of branches. For simplicity's sake I tend to think of them as my nephews.)

Anyway, Andy and Eli have formed a musical performing duo, with Andy playing banjo and Eli playing bass. They call their band Sober Up Pussycat, and if you have a Facebook account you can learn more about it by visiting the band's page.

This fall Andy and Eli are preparing to release an album on 12" vinyl called "The Devil You Know" (it'll also be streamable on iTunes, of course, this being the digital age), and Andy recently asked me to design the front of their psysical album jacket. I loved the idea of creating a big album cover like the ones that were a big part of my life before CD's crashed the party and, until a welcome recent resurgence, shoved those good old vinyl disks off the recording stage.

While I was working out my design, I kept track of the sequence of creative stages that went into my final album design so that I could take visitors to my Cartoonists Corner (who are generally nerdy enough to enjoy artistic shop talk) through my development process with me.