First comes walking around the block.
(As many times as it takes.)

NOTE: The drawing above, admittedly, has nothing at all to do with Wendel. I drew it years ago for an issue of Phil Yeh's Winged Tiger comics that dealt with the creative process.

I've always found long walks to be the best generator of ideas. (That's just me; for you, it may be bowling.) I'll stroll around the neighborhood when weather permits. If rain keeps me indoors, I'll pace back and forth in my living room until the brain cells start perking.

In this case I found myself reflecting as I walked on how loaded the term "dating" is for many gay people. This is generation-specific to a degree, probably. Because of its heterosexual associations, gay men of Ollie's generation (and mine) have rarely referred to their social encounters as "dates." It's a term that comes more easily to Ollie's lover Wendel, who is younger and has spent fewer years than Ollie in the closet.

So the germ of this Wendel episode lies in a moment of miscommunication between Wendel and Ollie that's caused by their divergent feelings about the word.