Perched on an Adirondak-chair on a Vermont mountaintop under the stars during a 2002 vacation, Lulu decided that it was time for our family to relocate to New England.

Eddie and I took her point; hence our new digs in nearby North Adams, Massachusetts.

"What is this thing call 'indoors'," Lulu wonders. "And why did human beings invent it?"
"Now this is more like it!"
Before his passing, elderly New England neighbor Cloud found time to tell Lulu tales of her much-missed household predecessor Foxy.

A Day of Regrettable Delinquency

For a time the normally mild-mannered Lulu lost her free-range roaming privileges due to bad behavior with a neighbor's chickens.

[Note: the image above is a re-enactment.]

On probation at a dog run where no chickens are endangered, Lulu demonstrates how she makes friends with her fellow canines. (See instructive sequence below.)

(Step 1) Sniff up a pup who is much smaller and scrawnier than you.
(Step 2) Exchange pleasantries long enough for your new pal to become fully relaxed.
(Step 3) Then
Even more
than the vaunted
U.S. Postal Service,
Lulu is unfazed
by the elements.
And since our move to Massachusetts, Mother Nature is as close as her own fenced-in back yard.
Above: Lulu keeps a sharp eye out for any refrigerator-related activity.

At right:
sentry duty is
followed by
nap time.

Below: Lulu was already getting on in dog years in 2011 when Eddie and I moved the three of us from our first Massachusetts house in North Adam into our present one, which is in nearby Williamstown.

Eddie and I were pleased that we could provide Lulu with an even larger fenced-in back yard to play in. With her time on the planet drawing to a close, Lulu continued to industriously inspect her territory's lush perimeter whenever she found herself outdoors.

Above: When she felt like taking a break, the yard remained available for contemplation through my studio door.

Below: Once she was satisfied that all was well in back of the house, she could settle down next to my work area to nap and keep me company as I drew or pecked at my iMac.

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