Punky joined our family in the waning days of 2016.
The shelter folks estimated that she was four years old.

She is lavish with the face licks. We like that.

She enjoys luxuriating on that spot on the sofa
that her predecessor Molly kept warm for her.

Eventually she ventures out into territory that Molly never thought of,
like the green chair that lives in back of the sofa.

She was wary at first when offered her pink dinosaur squeaky toy.

But they're best friends now.

Punky likes contemplating the meaning of life while Eddie reads his iPad...

...with occasional smooching breaks.

There are places besides the sofa to hang out, of course.
Like, f'rinstance, our back yard. But OOPS!

It's winter and she's forgotten to bring a fur coat.

Our neighbor Barbara comes to the rescue
by giving her a knitted vest to wear.

Punky uses her inborn dog-ingenuity to find
a warm space to burrow into
when we're visiting friends whose home
tends to be chillier than ours.

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