Hello, Visiting Art Directors
(or general fans of goofy artwork)

If oddball, cartoony drawings are your cup of tea, get ready to have your funnybone tickled, your eyeballs massaged, and in some cases your minds cheerfully blown.

Also, if you're an art director, I wouldn't mind copping a few paying illustration gigs!

Note: All of the drawings here are copyrighted. Please ask my permission before you capture and reproduce them on paper for purposes of your own; and if you capture any of them for web display, please let me know, accompany them with a credit, and include a link back to this Portfolio. Thanks in advance for those courtesies.

"Me? Poet Laureate?"

2013: A personal cartoon drawn for fun

"Space Nudist"

2014: Cartoon commissioned by a fanzine

"Messy Car"

2002: Illustration for InSync magazine.

"Gun-Totin' Mama"

1990s? (date uncertain): Illustration for Alice in Rubberland rubber stamps

"San Francisco Submerged"

2008: Cover art for Commonwealth magazine

"Keeping Warm"

2018: A personal cartoon commemorating January's "polar vortex"

"Point-Of-Purchase Display"

Date uncertain: Illustration for Food Service Director magazine

"What's The Point?"

2013: A personal cartoon drawn for fun

"Carlos Proposes"

2007: A cartoon commissioned by a neighbor celebrating her daughter's engagement

"Witch On Board"

1995: A Halloween cartoon drawn for a party flier