Here's more drawings, folks!

Email me if you've got work for a cartoonist like me!

"Projector Man"

1995/2004: Film Festival promo image adapted for Images Cinema in Williamstown

"Xtreme Football"

2007: Illustration for Business Week magazine

"Leather Baby"

1991: Illustration for the Village Voice

"Monster Santas"

2009: Cover art for Birmingham Weekly Christmas issue

"Seagull Love"

2000: Detail from illustration commissioned for the Millenium issue of The Advocate

"Peacock Love"

2007: Illustration for

"The Poor Like It That Way"

1980s (date uncertain): Illustration for The Village Voice

"Pandemic Civility"

2006: Cover art for UAB Public Health magazine

"Opening Up a New Can of Worms"

2017: Personal cartoon drawn for fun

"Digging Up Ideas"

2002: Logo drawing for Howard Cruse Art